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SENnet: Special Educational Needs Network

SENnet provides information and support for those working
to develop the use of technology to improve access for
school age learners with special educational needs.

SENnet is funded by the European Commission.

The project runs from December 2011 to November 2014
and is managed by European Schoolnet.

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Network objectives

Research New learning environments Teacher competence development

To identify, analyse and disseminate research covering barriers and opportunities to implementing the principles of inclusion of learners with SEN in mainstream schools.

To identify effective approaches for special schools serving as resource centres to all schools.


To map and analyse, develop scenarios and design new learning environments integrating learners with SEN, with particular reference to the role of ICT and to specific special needs.

Develop digital resources for learners with SEN to use for both access and learning.

 To develop awareness and competences which enable teachers, school leaders and others in schools to understand, promote and practise inclusion of learners with SEN in mainstream classrooms, making full use of ICT.



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